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Thanks so much for taking a look at how Shaklee can improve your life!

Shaklee products have given us sooooo many health benefits! In our thirty-six years of using the products and working part-time we have achieved a healthy lifestyle, freedom and flexibility to travel, and the ability to spend time with our family and enjoy life!

Our sons were raised on Shaklee products and have done very well academically and in competitive sports. We enjoy educating parents on how to help their kids be healthy and accomplished.  Using the Shaklee products helped us to reduce exposure to toxic chemicals in the home and to build strong immune systems with Shaklee vitamins and herbs.  We've traveled the world with Shaklee and never leave home without Basic-H!! We all enjoy skiing, tennis, hiking and travel!

What a great blessing it is to share the part-time opportunity and the wonderful health benefits with others!!!! Having financial security especially in these difficult times has been wonderful!  Our sons were able to graduate college debt free and we were able to help them through graduate school!  

If you would like to have a two minute commute to your home office, no more boss, time freedom, flexibility, a brand new car, free award trips and making a difference, you are in the right place.

To learn more about how you can benefit financially and healthwise, please enjoy the website and give us a call or text us:  908-768-2073 cell